About Us

Catalina's Originals was started by my remarkable mother, Mrs. Catalina Lacen with about eight purses brought back from a trip to Guatemala, on a 3x6 picnic table at my middle school craft show! It’s mind blowing how far we’ve come today.  She is living proof that hard work and perseverance can definitely pay off as long as you have a little faith in yourself, a HUGE heart and determination for anything you do in life. Growing up in a one-room dirt floor house with 12 brothers and sisters, the idea of bettering your life seemed impossible, but not for my mom! She fought and struggled first for her kids and through the course of her many dedicated years, today Mrs. Catalina continues to give that same devotion for each and every one of her adored customers.

Since day one, Mrs. Catalina has taken pride in offering every person that enters her booth(s) a genuine sincerity of wanting to take care of them. Offering excellent products with impeccable customer service by going above and beyond for every single customer that purchases from her!  Excelling in not just “making a sale,” but creating an experience of truly being taken care of.

Twenty-five years later, WE still embrace that concept and have finally put together a website to share our products with you our loyal followers, and newcomers too! We strive for excellent quality, reasonable prices for all, and immaculate customer service, which is the root of Catalina's Originals! We hope that you continue to embrace our products and concepts into each of your everyday lives and just know that every time you look down at your extraordinary purse, new wallet or fabulous outfit, not only are you turning heads from random secret admirers you are also representing for all the dedicated hard work this wonderful woman put together just for YOU!

–Lisa Ubinger, Co-Owner
Catalina's Originals