Personal Shopper

So here's how it works! One of the perks of being a loyal Catalina's shopper is getting Lisa Ubinger as your Personal Shopper for FREE!

Please fill out the following questionnaire to the best of your knowledge and complete the Credit Card Authorization Form (for security reasons, we ask that you download the PDF to fill out and email to us directly).

If you do not have access to a scanner to email back requested signed documents and pictures you can always print out, fill out, sign, snap a photo and text it back to Lisa by cell phone. If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation please feel free to call, text or email Lisa directly.

Lisa Ubinger

Download Credit Card Authorization Form (PDF)


All information provided is to create a profile for each client ONLY. Catalina's Originals will have access to this confidential information and will not expose or use any content or pictures without client(s) direct consent. Credit Cards will be kept on file strictly with clients consent ONLY, unless client fails to comply with minimum or return policy. Clients will be informed before any charges take place unless client fails to communicate by not returning phone calls, texts, emails for instructions of what items are being kept and being sent back, etc.

As your Personal Shopper, Catalina's Originals requests a $150 minimum order, anything less client will be responsible for return shipping costs ONLY. This does not make client obligated to purchase anything, as long as they agree to pay for return shipping if they do not spend the minimum.

If customer does not return items back within agreed time frame or does not communicate with Lisa directly on what to do with items, client will be charged automatically after 7days of non-communication or return.